About Billy Blue Hair


They say kids age 3-6 ask over 200 questions a day! Now that's a lot of question for any parent or grandparent to answer. That's where Billy Blue Hair comes in. Billy is all about answwering kids most popular questions through easy to watch video answers. With each video answer just about 3 - 5 minutes in length, your child will llearn tons of facts in just a short time.

Plus, all our videos are available anytime and on any device, including your computer, tablet, mobile device and internet connected television. We are continually adding to our video library so there will always be something new to watch. It's an exciting time for Billy so join us in exploring answers to kids most popular questions.


That's right! Become a subscriber and every video answer in our library suddenly becomes a personalized video just for your child. That means your child will hear Billy say their name at least three different times in every video answer they watch.

Your child will be amazed and wonder, "how does Billy know my name?".

So, become a subscriber today. Remember, the more you child watches Billy the more free time you have as a parent.



Personalize this video answer with your dental office branding!

If your dental office markets to kids, this video is a great way to help alleviate a child's fear prior to his or her visit. In this video, Billy lets kids know what they can expect during their visit to the dentist and why it's important.

Make this video look like it was created by YOUR dental office! Personalization includes:

  • Your dental office name included in video intro
  • Three different photos of your office; including the exterior, interior, and your staff
  • Once complete, simply add our code to your web site
  • Your custom, personalized video plays from your site but streams from our servers
  • Unlimited plays on an annual basis




We've taken educational DVDs to the next level by including your child's (and grandchild's) spoken name within the DVD - guaranteed to increase engagement and interest. When you personalize Billy, your child will be hooked by the wonder of how Billy knows their name, and this increased attention will improve learning! *

Give Your Child Billy, We'll Give You 30 Minutes of You Time
We realize one of the reasons parents purchase quality DVD content is so you, the parent, can have a bit of you time. This translates to getting caught up on everything a busy parent needs to do. So, get caught up and be guilt free knowing Billy is filling your child's brain full of fun facts, while becoming your child's new best friend! (Note: Billy says your child's name 7 times throughout the DVD and the child's name is also printed on the DVD Cover.