Personalized DVDs - Animated Billy Says Your Child's Name!

Each personalized DVD includes:
  - All the great award-winning content of our standard DVD.
  - Billy says your child's name 7 times.
  - Your child's name printed on DVD cover
  - Shrink wrapped so it's fresh and clean
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A one-of-a-kind experience!

Imagine this. You plop your child in front of the TV, pop in the DVD and... "WAA-LAA", your child hears Billy say their name within the first minute of the DVD. Now, that's exciting! And, your child will be amazed!

Billy Blue Hair provides parents and grandparents with guilt-free, educational content that is highly engaging since it's personalized just for your child.

They'll Play it Over and Over

Sure, with some other DVDs out there, repeated play may be not be a bonus for some parents. We understand. That's why you won't hear kids or animals singing "happy songs" that stay in your head for days. Instead, we've created a fun, fact-filled educational series geared towards your child's attention span. When you combine great content with an animated character that speaks to your child by name... well, it's simply a combination that will engage your child for hours.


Personalized Content + Engaging Content = Repeated Play =
More Free Time For Parents to Get Things Done.

More Free Time for Parents

Parents today have very limited time. Running to work, school, soccer, making dinner... you name it, a parent's life is extremely busy. That's where Billy comes in. Simply play one of our award-winning DVDs and your child will be entertained for hours, meaning you can focus on getting other things done.